Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Women's Issues today

I think Hooters is demeaning towards women because women have worked really hard to create a status of intelligence and equality to men that is not shown in hooters. In hooters, they flaunt a woman’s body around as a sex object and something to look at and just an object and not a person. Men go there to look at the women’s bodies. Its ridiculous. It’s a status that women need to get away from. Right now 90% of men think of women as nothing better than sex objects or objects to just drool over and its so gross! At hooters it just encourages it and men just boss the waitresses around. It encourages the men to brag or think that men are above women and that women should serve men and nothing more. Its total bullshit! Women and men are equal in every way. I go to a restaurant to look at men. I don’t go to hooters cause of the way it portrays women and that I don’t want to look at women. I want to look at men and men aren’t viewed as sex objects in today’s society. Men also have a more active sex drive than women, especially when drunk. I think it would help if hooters didn’t have a bar cause when men get drunk they get horny. It’s a common fact. And if they get drunk at hooters it isn’t a good thing. I think society is using sex way to much in advertising and business. Its unprofessional and shouldn’t be allowed. Its fine outside of work but when you work, you need to be professional. Women need to gain respect and prove that we're intelligent and can match wits with men before we faunt our bodies around like rabbits. We need to get away from the sex image and focus more on intelligence. Men have done it. We despirately need to if we're going to gain respect.

I also think that its unfair that women get paid $.30 cents less than men for equal work. $.30 cents less per dollar that a man makes adds up signifigantly. Say a man works 40 hours a week at $20.00 an hour. For the same work that that man does a woman in the same position would work at $14.00 per hour. That would mean a man would make $3,200.00 a month while the woman would make $2,240.00 a month. There's a $960.00 dollar difference! That's almost a thousand dollars that women lose per month! Lets look at the yearly value. The man would make $38,400.00 a year! The woman would make $26,880.00 a year! Thats a difference of $11,520.00 dollars that women lose per year! Why dont we look at that value over 40 years. Men would make $1,536,000.00 over 40 years while women would make $1,075,200.00 over the same time period. That's almost a $500,000.00 difference that the woman would lose! Now. I ask you. Why is this being allowed to happen? That kind of money would help so many women in a time of crisis! Women have more problems then men do. Women are raped and brutalized more than men and women are the ones that get pregnant cause of it. Single mothers would have a chance of surviving and their children going to college with that kind of money. This is a problem that is way overdue to be fixed.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I think its so stupid that homosexuals and bisexual and transvestite people dont have the same rights as straight people do! They should have the same rights to marry who ever they want, even if they are of the same gender! What ever happened to "Liberty and Justice FOR ALL!" And for those people who are against gay marriage, Liberty means FREEDOM! I think it's against what America stands for to deny these people their right to be legally joined by the bonds of marriage. And! Marriage isn't and hasn't always been a Christian thing! Nor is it just a Christian thing in America. Wiccans do hand-fasting which is when a wiccan religious person, YES WICCANS CAN BE JUST AS RELIGIOUS AND SPIRITUAL AS CHRISTIANS!, ties together the couples hands and blesses them. They are then married. My parents may do that when they get remarried this summer! Africans had the "jumping of the broom" to symbolize marriage and slaves used that to recognize couples among themselves since the white man was so cruel and denied them their equal rights! There are so many religions and so many different marriage systems some dating back farther than Christianity! So how dare you Christians try to restrict these poor peoples rights in a country that stands for liberty! You people give america a bad name. Shame on YOU!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Feminists of the World UNITE!

My mom wrote this on her blogger site. She is the most knowledgeable, successful, spiritual ( NOT Christian spirituality *gag* ), wisest person I have ever known in my life. She is both my mother, best friend, mentor, and teacher. I don't know what I'd do without her and I have never found anyone at all even similar to her. I am blessed and honored that she is my mum.
I think we should kidnap this Bill Napoli guy and surgically implant a working uterus in his body and have someone rape him so he can go through what a woman has to go though without an abortion and he'll have deal with a life long reminder seen every day in the child that was the result of rape that wasn't even the victem's fault at all! Period!


Over my F*n' Dead Body

BILL NAPOLI: When I was growing up here in the wild west, if a young man got a girl pregnant out of wedlock, they got married, and the whole darned neighborhood was involved in that wedding. I mean, you just didn't allow that sort of thing to happen, you know? I mean, they wanted that child to be brought up in a home with two parents, you know, that whole story. And so I happen to believe that can happen again. FRED DE SAM LAZARO: You really do? BILL NAPOLI: Yes, I do. I don't think we're so far beyond that, that we can't go back to that. Napoli further explains, the ideal is getting back to the "Wild West" shot-gun weddings of his childhood, where no couple engaged in premarital sex without "the whole darn neighborhood" forcing them into wedlock. "You just didn't allow that sort of thing" -- that would be extra-marital sex going unpunished by the community -- "to happen...And I happen to believe that can happen again. I don't think we're so far beyond that that we can't go back to that." We're a little closer already this week.”Okay. Mayberry and Beaver Cleaver never existed.Those are FICTION!!!The era of the shot-gun wedding was a nightmare for women.There was no birth control.There was no socially acceptable escape from a bad marriage.A woman could easily end up married to her abuser.Most often, if you went out with a guy it wasn't date rape because you "chose" to go out with him. Obviously you were an evil seductress who was trying to trap him with a baby. (even if you were 12-13-14 years old)There was no true socially acceptable escape from a bad marriage.Women divorcing seldom got to keep their children because a woman getting a divorce was obviously a "bad" woman who was considered to be defying God's law by abandoning her family and therefore wouldn't be a good mother.And all women were either the Virgin or the Whore.Any need for an abortion had to be taken care of in backstreet disease infested hell holes where women sometimes had to provide sex before the procedure. Women sometimes died or were left sterile. It didn't matter if the need was created by rape, incest or immaculate conception. Women in that position automatically fell into the whore catagory and therefore had no right to anything, much less respect.And "if" you should escape the marriage with custody of your child, there were few choices for supporting yourself. Teacher, nurse, waitress, whore. And at that time the only one with a decent chance to make any money was whore. Most women didn't leave a marriage already trained as a teacher or nurse. Outside of marriage it was very difficult to have the time much less afford the training while supporting yourself and a child. (There was no Pell Grants and Financial Aid for college) And... as a divorcee any guy you went out with would expect you to put out because, "Hey, baby. It's not like you haven't done it before." (You were still the whore.) Actually widows heard that a lot, too. Once used you weren't worth much.Men, also, were never seriously pursued by law enforcement for child support payments. All to often, you were completely on your own.Society and the legal establishment looked the other way when it came to issues of child abuse and domestic violence. It was a "family matter" after all.Do we really want to go back to that?Really?

-Betty (me mum)


Not only did my mom grow up in all that shit she remembers it so vividly that she didn't have to look up anything. Sure the movies and TV shows show those days and "Happy Days" and peaceful and stuff but that's to ENTERTAIN! Bad stuff really happened to those women and it seemed all happy and carefree cause it was a man's world and they didn't have to go through it cause they caused it. I think that people need to make a disturbing movie, like "Roots" that shows the true effects of slavery and what really happened to those people, only with women of all races back in those times. Perhaps it will then show the public and the stupid people that that is not what we want to go back to and perhaps it will make all the women stand up for themselves and the freedom they, we, all deserve.

I hate the fact that back then it was ok for a man to sleep around but it was disgraceful, tasteless, and scandelous for a woman to do the same. So a man doesn't have to be a virgin out of wedlock but only a woman does? I think that's bullshit. That's why i didn't wait for marriage. I'd rather be just as experienced as my husband when i got married. Fuck men. Men think they know it all but they make things worse! Look at Bush's shitty job over in Iraq! We didnt even catch the real perpitrator! We caught saddam but he didnt do shit and the people over there have even said that they were better off and happier under saddam's rule then when the U.S. are there! He should've turned it over to the U.N. after he declared the war to be over 2 YEARS AGO! The pope is a man. He hasn't done shit that i know of. Why do men think they're better then women? We have to fight for our freedom while men try to supress us. Fuck men.

I find it intresting that someone went to my site from a christian k-12 school. We all know that in the christian belief, sex is bad and to have sex ( or get pregnant ) out of wedlock is a horrible horrible sin. I don't believe in sin. I believe that there are lessons to be learned and you learn from your "mistakes". so to speak. This person was searching on xanga for "...first". I left out some words. But I find it intresting that a person, who is attending a very christian school, is looking up sexual information. I believe sex is not a bad thing. I think it to be perfectly natural. Its in our blood and genes. I think that if we want to have sex, we can at our own consent and at our partners consent. But, we only have that option, choice, right, as long as we examine the dangers and risks we take along with it. There's the risk of pregnancy. As long as there are clean, healthy, legal abortion clinics, I feel it'd cut down the fear on both genders. There are things to protect yourself against it all. Like condoms, birth control, and the morning after pill. But "some people" refuse to do their job and sell customers these products cause it goes "against their religion". Let me tell you, religion has Shit to do with a medicine! Religion states how YOU should live. If you want to get pregnant against your will, by rape, and have a baby then you go ahead and do it. BUT LEAVE EVERY OTHER WOMAN WHO DOESN'T FEEL THE SAME WAY OUT OF IT!!!! I think a lot of Christians are hypocrites cause they say they like options and a way out but then they take them away from every one else! And they say they help people! HA! They are taking away a woman's basic freedom! CHOICE! That's not helping! That's destroying, cutting down! Just like the forest that bush is letting the oil junkies cut down up in the Alaskan wildlife refuge! Another thing. FREEDOM OF RELIGION! It was put in the constitution for a reason. If America was a christian government then why would they put that? Christians want everyone to be christian and just like them. The constitution was formed by deists. Yes they believed in a god but not a Christian god. Their god can be interpreted by everyone as a spiritual being or whatever that individual saw it to be. They knew that a Christian run government, like in 16th century England and the middle ages, or a government run by any organized religion, would not benefit the common people at all. So they got rid of the kings and monarchies and set the law of freedom of religion which states that no government in the united states can declare or institute or play favorites to a specific official religion. They made that law to try and keep christianity or any other organized religion from turning the united states back into the time of the dark ages. They were very wise indeed. I really feel that most christians tend to want to live in the dark and believe in what one person tells them, lies and fantasy, instead of facing the facts and truth. Yes there is evolution! Its been proven! DEAL WITH IT! Twist the bible to include it and go on with your lives! Death isn't a bad thing, its a part of life and it happens every day in nature and in humanity wether you like it or not! You're not going to go to hell for sleeping with your ex husband. In fact, there is no hell unless its in another dimension and if that's the case, how the hell would we get there!?!? We went to the moon and we didn't find heaven in the clouds. I'm sorry. Must be in another one of them there dimensions. People have sex, young and old. GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON! There are people who like the same gender. LEAVE THEM ALONE AND GET A LIFE! We all meet one another throughout our lives and if we just tell people what to do all the time then it'll just make people unhappy. I think we should just let people be people and do whatever they want to do (as long as its within reasonable terms like you cant rob a bank, steal, or kill someone, or rape someone). Everyone would be happier that way and people really need to get a life of their own and stop obsessing over everyone else's life! Its MY life! NOT yours! DON'T forget that.

I want to move to France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, or anywhere else that is smarter then we are! Canada has little restrictions and there's hardly any crime up there at all! I say to just leave people alone.

Friday, March 03, 2006


It was the quickest interview in my entire life! He looked over my resume and was so impressed by all the time that I've spent coming to the zoo and volunteering at the zoo, he hired me on the spot! He even made it sound like i could be a supervisor! Im going to work my ass off! Wish me luck! I start next Saturday, not tomorrow, at 6.00 an hour! yay!

Religion Conflictions

Monkeygod107 posted this on my xanga site, The World of Jenn: "god isn't a woman or a man. but we call god lord because thats the ways it has always been. i'm all for womens rights and all that crap but women get paid for being a sex symbol. if they didn't want to do it they wouldn't."

Majority of women dont want to be sex items! Only a tiny minority get paid and just cause they get paid doesnt mean that they want to be sex items! It usually means that they are single mothers or college students who dont know what else to do because they are in financial trouble and panic and a job like that makes the most money and is easier.What you see in movies doesn't count. NOW! I'm NOT CHRISTIAN! I'm WICCAN and I believe in a GODDESS!!!! A FEMALE GODDESS! And they say the Christian god is neither man or woman but they always refer to it as a man. Why? WELL! Before Christians, GOD WAS a WOMAN! There were goddess religions all over the place and women were viewed, NOT AS SEX ITEMS, but as beautiful and magickal beings cause they could give birth to new life. Men worshiped women for this sacred power they had but when Christianity and norse religions came along, they went through all the goddess religions and masacred them as an attempt to destroy the religion. They even brag about it in their sacred books! When GOD WAS A WOMAN, it was way more peaceful then it is now. There were no secrets and everyone loved another for who they were. Sex was viewed as sacred and was practiced in rituals. People cared for one another and wanted to help each other willingly without getting anything in return. Wars were scarce and it was just a better time. Now with a Patriarchy society, we get wars, lies, and hatred all over the place! When christianity made society a Patriarchy, they demeaned women any way that they could in hopes that women would never be able to bring back the goddess and her religions. But there are SOME WOMEN WHO ARE SMARTER THEN THE AVERAGE DUMBASS! Men disgust me. Oh another thing. I think its really funny that Christianity calls everything that isnt christian, and actually a more peaceful religion then themselves, satanic and a cult. They say my religion is a cult, but what does a cult mean? Cult: A group where everyone in the group follows one person blindly. In my religion there are no lies, only truths and we dont follow one person, and we definately dont follow anyone blindly. We follow each other willingly with trust and love and if we dont believe it then we just leave. There is no hate within our group. Only love and intelligence. We dont cast spells on people and spells arent physical. They are mental and emotional. They help us to focus and concentrate. So Back Off Igits!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I'm so happy that I have no more tests to take this week! I've had tests in history, physics, and computer concepts. Computer Concepts is the most stupid class i've ever taken and my physics instructer knows shit and she constantly switches everything around and when she shows mathimatical examples on the board, she takes the long complicated way to reach the answer and wont give us shortcuts but tells us that we dont have to do it her way, just as long as we reach the same answer as her. Its insulting. My history class is cool but the instructor knows my mom really well and it makes it difficult for me cause he picks on me alot and expects more from me then the rest of the students. Or that's how it feels to me. My only peaceful relaxing class is Freshman Comp. I love my instructor! She's the sweetest nicest and friendliest lady i've ever met! You can talk to her about anything and she'll understand. She loves my writing and I just have a blast in that class! I may have my tests for the week done but i still have Computer homework and English homework. I have to make some posters on word for computers and i have to finish my prospectus for english. Both due on monday. I'm just happy its the weekend.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

"I dream of rain
I dream of gardens in the desert sand
I wake in pain
I dream of love as time runs through my hand"
Chorus of "Desert Rose" by Sting

Friday, January 27, 2006

Howdy. Good luck.

Peace and Love,